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Baby Photography 

Older baby photography – Did you wait too long and your baby is now over that “ideal” newborn age of two weeks?  No problem!  Many photographers turn away babies that they deem “not newborn” that are over two weeks old because once they reach around the age of three weeks, babies can become fussy and a bit more difficult to work with.  As a professional newborn and baby photographer, Jodie embraces these challenges and loves nothing more than to produce stunning images of older babies and surprise her clients with the gorgeous results.   Older babies have their own special quirks that need to be captured – those wide eyes, that sweet smile…. Consider capturing your baby right now with beautiful professional imagery.

Milestones – Baby’s First Year

Please contact us if you are looking for a milestones or baby’s first year plan.  We are always asked, “When is the best time to photograph my baby next?”  Typically, in regards to baby photography, we recommend newborn (or before 3 months), between 6 and 8 months (when they are sitting up for sitter sessions), and 1 year.  In these days of always having a camera in your pocket for documenting the every day, we recommend only those three first year milestones.  However, we’d be happy to see you any time!


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