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Child Photography and Child Portrait Sessions take place anywhere – in your home or outdoors or a combination of both.  Children are best photographed where they can be themselves naturally and have their little minds stimulated by their surroundings.  Jodie has many years of experience working with children and in fact, owned and operated a licensed child daycare in the late 90s.  Her approach is letting the kids be themselves and molding the photo session based on your child’s personality.  Some children have boistrous personalities and need a fast paced session that moves quickly with constant interaction and other children are more reserved and may not like being put on the spot.  That’s when she brings out a long lens and gives them the space they need to come out of their shell.

While Jodie has several outdoor locations that she recommends, she has photographed some of her most beautiful work in spaces that you would probably never imagine.  She  has created gorgeous images just behind a client’s privacy fence or in a foyer filled with beautiful light.  Lighting is truly the essence of great child photography.  While she recommends child portrait sessions taking place in the early morning or about an hour before sunset, she is always flexible with your schedule, and professionally, she will find or create that beautiful light at any time and in any location.  Let her capture the spirit of your child in an artistic way.

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